Welcome to the webpage of the Halifax RC Park. Below this introduction you’ll find the most recent blog posts of all sorts of RC car happenings in and around HRM, including the activities at the free-to-use Halifax RC Park. The menus at the very top of the page give some more static information about who we are and how you can help, what the RC park is, how you can get into the hobby, and what local groups and clubs are there to share your fun, and when they meet and where. RC cars come in all shapes, sizes, speeds, complexity, and prices so there really is a vehicle for everyone.

Fighting the weather

So our successes rate of planned track maintenance vs. actual maintenance this season hasn’t been very good. We’ve had more rained-off work parties than actual work parties. We’ll continue to work on the track throughout the season, and if anyone is feeling enthusiastic then adding features or making repairs yourself can be carried out at any time. But the track is most certainly open and ready to use. You’ll find it a little bumpy in places, but as time goes on, and we carry out more maintenance, that should improve.

EDIT: We’ve added a weather widget to the website to give you the current weather at Halifax RC Park. Should be just over there on the right –>


Making tracks – more on Saturday 17th June 9am-noon PLANS FOILED AGAIN DUE TO RAIN

The ground was still too wet last Sunday to get machinery to assist with building jumps on the race track at Halifax R/C Park, so all the progress was made by hand. A jump has been built on the outer loop, but this weekend (Saturday 17th 9am-noon) we’ll be back on track with machinery to make some more jumps. If anyone is around to help out then you’re welcome to come along – we’ll even have tools for those without any.


2017 R/C Track Layout

A local drone pilot (@JoeMiddleroad) took a great photo of the new 2017 layout at Halifax R/C Park a few weeks back. Since the photo we’ve been hard at work removing weeds and will shortly be building jumps (tomorrow, Sat 10th June 1-3pm) to give the track that real off-road feel.

The new layout has 3 possible tracks:

  1. A novice loop (green) for slower vehicles and less experienced drivers
  2. An advanced loop (orange) for the quicker cars
  3. A full circuit (blue) using a combination of the two loops
  • If you find yourself alone at the circuit, feel free to use whichever layout you prefer. But do try to accommodate other users if they arrive while you are there.


  • Always remember to be considerate of other users of the R/C track
  • R/C cars can be dangerous, so make sure you don’t stand on the track when driving

Come help to add some jumps! Sun 11th 10am-3pm (was Saturday but rain made us move it)

We’re having another work party on Sunday 11th June between 10am and 3pm to add some much needed elevation changes (JUMPS!). If anyone would like to drop along to the track at Halifax RC Park then you’re all welcome. We’ll even have spare tools for those that don’t have any. No prizes to win this time unless an amazing tan and a full body workout is all the prize you need!

N.B. Rain has moved this to Sunday 11th June.


A couple of years back we were still working hard on the track


Giving thanks

Lisa Blackburn is the Councillor for Middle/Upper Sackville – Beaver Bank – Lucasville (District 14) in which the Halifax R/C Park is located. We reached out to her a few weeks ago asking for suggestions of funding opportunities we might be eligible for as a non-profit community group uniquely operating on HRM property. She immediately responded to say that she’d happily give some of her discretionary District Capital Fund to help with the material costs of the spring RC park maintenance. She delivered us a $300 cheque over the weekend that has been used to pay for a truck load of new track-surface clay-dirt that we’re in the process of spreading around the track. We had a long discussion with her about our aims for the R/C park and the benefits of the hobby to the local community. Halifax R/C Park is a unique facility to District 14 and one of only two such R/C facilities in HRM. However, without continued support such as donations similar to that from Councillor Blackburn,  then we will struggle to keep the R/C park open. As always donations of help and funds are always welcome to halifaxrcpark@gmail.com.

HRCP cover story on yesterdays Bedford-Sackville Observer (May 30st 2017)

We’re trying really hard to let the general public know all about our amazing hobby, and yesterday there was a cover story in the Bedford-Sackville Observer about the RC Park. You can read the full copy here on the ChronicalHerald Website: http://www.thechronicleherald.ca/bedfordsackvilleobserver/1473059-halifax-rc-park-society-gets-back-on-track-in-beaver-bank

If you’ve found your way to our website because of that article and you think you might be interested in the hobby, then do take a look at our beginner pages for a bit of background information. Also feel free to email us at halifaxrcpark@gmail.com if you have any questions about the park or the hobby.

bed-sack observer

Work Party Battery Winner

Thanks to all of you that helped out with the Work Parties to get the track back running. It’s now drivable, but there’s certainly still work to be done.

Tim at CrossRoad RC Supply, kindly donated a lipo battery to the cause for everyone that helped out (as he was running the draw he wanted the HRCP committee included). We gave him the list of helpers yesterday and he completed the draw using a random number. It’s all detailed in his facebook post pictured below. Congratulations to Glenn, please get in touch and we’ll pass on Tim’s details.

The track is now ready to use. It’s bumpy in places, and you’ll still continue to see changes as the season progresses and the committee get more opportunities to work on the track. There will always be chances to help out and if you want the track to remain open then help is what we need.