Welcome to the webpage of the Halifax Radio Control Park. Below this introduction you’ll find the most recent blog posts of all sorts of R/C car happenings in and around HRM, including the activities at the free-to-use Halifax R/C Park. The menus at the very top of the page give some more static information about who we are and how you can help, what the R/C park is, how you can get into the hobby, and what local groups and clubs are there to share your fun, and when they meet and where. R/C cars come in all shapes, sizes, speeds, complexity, and prices so there really is a vehicle for everyone.

Permanently CLOSED but somewhere new to go….NSRCCars.ca

2019 was a bit of a bust for Halifax R/C Park. We decided to close the public R/C facility in Beaver Bank as it was just too much work for our small committee to maintain, and instead focus on promoting this amazing hobby to the local community. So to avoid confusion for newcomers, we’re moving away from the name Halifax R/C Park and over to a new group called Nova Scotia R/C Cars. Which means there’s a new Website and URL….www.NSRCCars.ca.

All the useful information we had about the hobby on this website has been transferred across and I’m busy going though updating and adjusting information to make it relevant to our growing Nova Scotia R/C community. I’ll do my best to keep the information there up to date about where you can see R/C cars at public engagement events, but if you’ve got a car and you want to run it with like-minded people, then hopping over to Facebook and checking out some of these linked groups will get you going: https://nsrccars.wordpress.com/local-groups-and-resources/

This old website will stay as a bit of local R/C history at https://halifaxrcpark.wordpress.com/, but the halifaxrcpark.com URL will be phased out over the next few months. Come and see all the new stuff at www.nsrccars.ca. We’ll also be trying to migrate our Facebook and Twitter presence over to the more suitable name.

See you on the other side.

See some R/C cars moving at Shearwater Spring Hobby Show – April 13th and 14th 2019

This will be the 5th year we’ve been part of the Shearwater Spring Hobby Show and this year we’ll have a moving display of crawler-trail vehicles – along with static versions from all the other disciplines of radio controlled cars.

Mogfather at The Camp

Event Details

  • When: Saturday 13th April and Sunday 14th April 2019, 10am- 4pm both days
  • How Much: $5 per person or $12 for a family. Tickets also give you access to the Aviation Museum which is a great walk around for kids of all ages.
  • Where: The show is located at the SeaKing Club (15 Squadron Crescent) within Shearwater Forces Base just down the road from the Aviation Museum. You’ll need ID to get through the main security gates on Bonaventure Street. Exact Google maps location of the SeaKing club is here (click) and shown in the image below. Be warned that the Google Navigation directions don’t take you though the gate on Bonaventure St and you have to come in that way.

Full event details from the Aviation Museum here.

Thanks for the visit

On Saturday at the Engineering Month Public Display we had a primo location to promote the hobby of radio controlled cars to the public. Right in the front window of the Halifax Central Library. Lots of people mentioned that they only dropped in because they saw the cars through the front window – we then had to let them know that there was much more STEM related stuff for youngsters further into the building.


The general message was that people had no idea that this hobby existed so we told them the basics, what the starting budget might be, and where they can do it. I think most everyone was impressed with the variety and lived the chance to test a couple of micro touring cars – including lap timing!


Got those of you we talked to, there’s a beginner’s section over here (also accessible from the menu system) that should give you a good foundation when you visit a hobby shop or consider your purchases online. Or if you have questions then shoot us an email at nsrccars@gmail.com.

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Upcoming R/C Promotion Public Engagement Events

I hope everyone is thawing out from the winter.


For some reason the majority of our regular public engagement events occur in quick succession during late March and April. So if you want to come and talk to us about the hobby of Radio Controlled Cars then come and check out our stands at the following events:

  • Saturday March 30th – Engineering Month Public Display – Halifax Central Library – 9:30am – 2pm
  • Saturday April 13th – Shearwater Aviation Museum Spring Hobby Show – Sea King Club, Shearwater Base – 10am – 4pm
  • Sunday April 14th – Shearwater Aviation Museum Spring Hobby Show – Sea King Club, Shearwater Base – 10am – 4pm
  • Saturday April 27th – The Youth Expo – Don Henderson Memorial Sports Complex, Brookfield – 9am – 4pm

and further in the future…

  • Sunday October 6th – Rally in the Valley (1:1 car show) – Halifax County Exhibition Grounds, Middle Musquodoboit – 9am – 4pm


We’re naturally also looking for other public engagement events where we can promote this wholesome hobby so if you have any suggestions of suitable events then please get in touch (halifaxrcpark@gmail.com). Something outdoors would be perfect, where we can really show how great these cars and trucks are! We can throw down a race track, with jumps, if it suits.


Pause for reflection…..and….PROMOTE THE HOBBY

It’s been a bit quiet over here at the Halifax Radio Control Park Society for the last few months (it’s not at all related to the fact I have a new baby at home that’s exactly the same age as those few months!!). Anyway your committee has had some time to reflect on our performance over the last few years. As a society we’ve always had dual aims:

  1. To operate a free-to-use radio control park somewhere in HRM (Halifax, NS).
  2. To promote radio controlled cars as a wholesome, fun and educational hobby.

We made great progress with the first aim over the 2014-2016 period and had a well utilised free-to-us R/C facility operating out at an old ball field in Beaver Bank. But the continuous maintenance required over the subsequent years exceed the capabilities of our small committee, and although we had help from some enthusiastic members of the R/C community, we were always fighting the waterlogged conditions of the site and the large area of the track. It was just too much to chew on with only a few hours a week by a handful of guys. So the decision has been made to close the Beaver Bank R/C track and release the site back to the city. Maybe we can give it another go in a few years time if we can demonstrate the need. But you’re not left entirely without a local place to take your R/Cs. Some dedicated individuals have built off-road R/C tracks on their own property and are happy to welcome considerate visitors. We can’t publicise them directly just yet, but the local R/C Facebook groups have details when open-for-all racing events are posted – keep an eye on groups like Halifax R/C Off-Road Racing as track owners post there when they host an event.

Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature

We have however had some good success with the promotion of R/C cars over the last few years. We have a regular stand at the Engineering Month Public Display in late March, and a larger stand at the Shearwater Hobby Show in early April. Plus last year we were at the Youth Expo later in April and visited one of the local Scout groups in May. And there’s a few more public engagement events we’d like to attend over 2019 so we hope to see you at one of them. We’ll also continue to promote the larger Atlantic region R/C events so keep checking here for details of Winter on-road racing and Summer off-road racing slightly further afield.


So what you will see over the coming months is a change to our website and branding. We no longer have an “R/C Park” so it doesn’t make sense to bind ourselves to that. But we do hope to become more of a public-facing Nova-Scotia “hub” for all things radio controlled cars. This is especially important for newcomers to the hobby who are struggling to find information about how to take the hobby to the next and more social level, or who might be daunted by the huge range of local Facebook groups each with a specific focus. In that vein, if you have local R/C car related news or public events to promote then please do let us know at halifaxrcpark@gmail.com…for now.

We’ll be back………….soon.

And now for something completely different…….Belt Sander Drag Racing

The guys over at Halifax Makerspace are running a competition that might be down the ‘lane’ of some of our readers. They’ve scheduled some Belt Sander Drag Racing for the end of the summer (Sat August 25th) and they are looking for teams to enter. Looks like a lot of fun. Anyone reading who is interested can get in touch with Shawn directly at shawn@halifaxmakerspace.org

Shawn’s email is copied below:


I’m Shawn, one of the Halifax Makerspace directors. We are considering putting on a Belt Sander Drag Race at the end of the summer, but before we commit to it, we need to know if there will be enough entries to make it worthwhile. So we are asking organizations like yours to either pledge to make a belt sander drag racer and/or to ask their members to pledge to make some.  We think it would be a great way to tie together some similar-minded organizations within and around Halifax, and should be a lot of fun to boot!  Belt sanders can be had occasionally from Kijiji for $10-$50.  Some details are below.

If you can commit to making a belt sander drag racer to enter in this event, please let me know by Sunday, July 15 (also, please let me know if you have a sander for your entry, or extra sanders to give or sell).  If we get enough people pledging to make them, we’ll follow up with a firm rules, dimensions, date and time soon afterwards.

Please share this with whoever you think might enter.  If you have any questions, please let me know by email, phone (9028029714), or in person during an upcoming open house (Sundays 1-5pm).

Proposed Date: Saturday, August 25, 2018  11am – 1pm

Proposed Rain Date: Sunday, August 26, 2018 11am – 1pm


Main Event: Belt Sander Drag Races

A 32’ or 40’ wood track is set up on sawhorses on the north side of the parking lot at 275 Rocky Lake Drive (Four or five pairs of lanes about 8” wide by 8’ long with 2” high walls made of melamine or ply. Lanes are spaced about 12” apart).  Extension cords are run halfway down the length and beside the track, then back to the sanders. Sanders are set to ‘on’ and plugged into a power bar. Power bar is switched on, and the sanders race. Six weeks should be enough time to promote this event and give people time to make an entry.

Rules based roughly on this: http://beltsanderdragraces.com/rules


I am thinking we’d just have stock sanders (no alterations to the belt or motor), but encourage people to decorate them and add guides.  This is a ‘thing’, and people make quite elaborate belt sanders.


1 for fastest entry, 1 for best decorated, maybe 1 for most spectacular crash!

Dishing out prizes

Marsha and her boys came to collect their raffle prizes from Mighty Small Cars at the weekend. As you might imagine they were very pleased and excited to get their ECX Torment 2WD Short Course trucks onto a track.


Mighty Small Cars were very helpful with the raffle prize selection and I think everyone would have been able to choose something if they’d won. Please remember to support your local hobby shop when making your R/C purchases and Mighty Small Cars is a great starting point for anyone getting into the hobby.

And to everyone who bought a ticket and didn’t win, we thank you. Without your support we couldn’t continue to promote R/C or maintain the R/C Park in Beaver Bank.

Running this raffle has really helped with the financial situation at Halifax Radio Control Park in Beaver Bank, but we’re still looking for volunteers to help reinstate the track there – email us at halifaxrcpark@gmail.com if you’d like to help out. In the mean time check out some other local tracks.


We have a winner

So we pulled the winning ticket (#128) for our Fundraising Raffle on Sunday. Needless to say the winner is overjoyed and is busy trying to decide which of our prizes they’d like to have. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to show you what they chose in the near future.

To everyone else who entered, we hope you enjoyed the raffle, but mostly we appreciate the show of support for our efforts in the R/C hobby. While we’re trying super hard to get the track in Beaver Bank going again, we’ll continue to promote R/C in general at local and regional events. We all know how great this hobby is, but lets try and let everyone else know that.

Image result for ecx torment

P.S. If anyone wants to re-watch the draw itself then it should be visible on this link. Turns out you can’t post-edit a Facebook Live Stream (feeling a little embarrassed). https://www.facebook.com/halifaxrcpark/videos/2029454233972886/

P.P.S. Anyone know anything about Belt Sander Drag Racing – there’s some guys that want us to enter one in a local competition! 😉 (post to come)

Regional Racing – and Raffle Draw News

Here at the Halifax R/C Park Society we had hoped to be bringing you amazing news of a reinstated off-road R/C track at Halifax R/C Park in Beaver Bank, however the weather gods and personal time-lines are yet to align so it’s proving difficult to get a public free-to-use race track down for you guys to use at will. We hope to bring news of that to you all in the coming weeks, but we will most certainly need your help – start training your raking and digging muscles!

But I know you’re all eager to hear about the fundraising raffle. The draw will take place on June 24th at around 4pm. About 60 of the 200 tickets are still available and if you’d like to improve your odds of winning then follow this link: https://halifaxrcpark.com/2018/01/21/win-an-r-c-car-in-our-fundraising-raffle/ . I’ll be broadcasting the draw live on the Halifax R/C Park Facebook page (if I can work out how to do it!) so good luck to everyone that bought a ticket.

Poster Image

But if you have a hole in your life for some off-road R/C racing because Halifax Radio Controlled Park isn’t open, then there are other options available to you:

Firstly there’s a couple of other local public tracks that you can take your R/Cs to. They are both totally drivable as far as I know – and as always with public tracks you should be considerate of other users, and leave the track in the same condition as you found it (or better if you’d like to help the track builders).

Secondly, if you’d like to try your hand at racing, then there’s a few local Facebook groups that organise some short-notice events that are often open to the public. These either run on one of the local public tracks, or on one of the handful of local private tracks. If you’re thinking of coming along, then do reach out to the organiser to check that spectators are allowed, or that there’s a suitable race class for beginners. Every single racer started out as a novice so they should be very welcoming and we all want more people to race with. A few key face-book groups to join and keep an eye on are:

And thirdly, if you’d you’d like to watch or join one of the more established timed race events then venturing into NB and PEI gives you some more options. MRCR has a calendar with most of the Atlantic regional race events listed: http://www.mrcr.ca/events/. It’s worth having a read through the following information pages beforehand about what to expect at a race event and a general track-etiquette guide before arriving at the larger timed events.

  • Cap Pele R/C Revolution Raceway – George runs a 6 race summer series at his home track in Cap Pele (and some evening racing for those more local). Race dates are June 16th, July 21st, Aug 18th, Sept 15th, Oct 6th but the facebook group has lots more information.
  • Red Clay R/C – Check their facebook group for all the details of racing in Charlottetown PEI.
  • Black Fly R/C – Stephane runs some races at his home track. The facebook group also has more information.

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Youth Expo 2018 Review

A couple of weekends back we had a very good reception as part of the Youth Expo held in Brookfield NS. The Youth Expo is a large event aimed at youngsters with the particular focus on ‘hands-on’ activities. The organisers found us online and invited us to come and promote the hobby of R/C vehicles to the public. As those of you that check-in regularly, you know that there is an important distinction between Toy Grade and Hobby Grade R/C vehicles (we talk all about it on our beginners pages).

We had a few tables displaying a wide variety of R/C vehicles, and a foam R/C track setup on which people could spend a few minutes driving a pair of 1:27 micro scale racers. The cars held up well to continuous use, but alas it was the return spring on the steering wheel transmitters that gave out an hour before the end of the show (they’re still on my work-bench awaiting further investigation!). Don’t ask how many AAA batteries we went through!

We handed out a lot of information cards with links to this website so I hope there’s a few new readers. If so, Hi!

I didn’t get much opportunity to investigate the rest of the show but there looked to be lots of interesting things to see and try. I did take a couple of photos toward the end of the day though. There looked to be Laser Tag, Scotia Speedworld, Archery, Excavators, MotoCross etc. and there was even a competing R/C car track!

We hope to be invited back this year, and we’ve learned a lot about the shows setup. Maybe next year you’ll find us outside with bigger cars and a bigger track!