“Cold Hard Dash” a Halifax RC Park Fundraiser


This is probably not the weather we will have at the Cold Hard Dash

The Halifax RC Park Committee is planning a fundraising winter event and we would like your help. The “Cold Hard Dash” is being planned for Saturday Feb 21, 2015. 10am at the Halifax RC Park.

We are currently planning to hold races in the following classes and can have more or less classes depending on interest levels.

– 1/8, 1/10 scale 2wd and 4wd Buggy

– 1/10 scale 2wd and 4wd Short Course Truck

– 1/8, 1/10 Open

Entrance fee is $15.00 for the first class and $5.00 for each additional class. The entrance fee will also get you some food and a drink. Prizes to be awarded to the winners, are yet to be determined and will be announced in the following weeks.

How can you Help?

As many of you know, the RC Park has some water issues and an incomplete Bashing side. We need money to address these current issues and the “Cold Hard Dash” is our first attempt at raising money so we can make the necessary upgrades. We are still in the early stages of planning and over the next couple of weeks we would like to see what kind of interest level there is for the “Cold Hard Dash”. If you are interested, please email us HalifaxRCPark@gmail.com by January 16, 2015. In the subject line, please put Cold Hard Dash.  Also, please indicate what class you would like to race in. Once we have these numbers we can begin to finalize the rest of the details.

Things to Remember.

– New comers are welcome.

– There are no plans to have a timing system in place at this point.

– This is to be a fun event, open to all skill levels so please don’t take yourself too seriously. Just come out and enjoy yourself and try to stay warm.

– 100% of the proceeds raised will be put into upgrading and maintaining the RC Park. 

– Things are subject to change, depending on the feedback we receive and the weather. Check back here all updates. Alternate date is February 22, 2015.


3 thoughts on ““Cold Hard Dash” a Halifax RC Park Fundraiser

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