2 thoughts on “Drainage issues

  1. Rhodri Armour Post author

    That’s a great idea Brian – photos from visitors to pass on whether the track is usable would be great. But it doesn’t look like this blog format will easily enable that (we’ll look into it). But posting photos should be straightforward on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/halifaxrcpark) so feel free to post there.
    And we’ll certainly let you all know when we’re planning some track maintenance.


  2. Brian

    Is there a way that we can log in to post pictures of the track ourselves? I know I live in Halifax so if I knew it was flooded after a rainstorm, or that it had drained enough to use it that might save a drive out there. Any ideas on that? I’d be willing to help on cleanup and getting the track ready this year if you guys have a maintenance session



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