That’s a surprise

We should have taken photos to prove it, but the HRCP track in Beaver Bank was dry enough to use when the committee visited it a week ago in early May 2015. With another week of mainly dry weather it’s probably a safe bet that this weekend would be a good time to get a few laps in. We can’t tell you how long it will be until we pull the big-O up and start on our spring refresh to the track so if you want to get some laps in then we’d recommend getting there sooner rather than later.

The work we’re planning to do on the track involves removing the Big-O, regrading and crowning the track area so it drains better, moving the drivers mound, and making a new track layout. That means we’re currently on the lookout for more good quality clay/dirt, some rubble/fill for the drivers mound, any motorized equipment, and finally manual labour. If anyone has any leads on materials, or wants to help out then please fire us an email at Once we know when we have some equipment available, then we can make a date for a work-party.
(the photo below is from one of out track users, Brian, who visited the track on 15th May)


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