HRCP Track Layout for 2015

In an effort to generate a bit of excitement, and remind you to come along and help out with our track renovations on Saturday 20th June, below is our proposed layout for the 2015 track. The main aims of the new layout are to:

  1. Reduce the speed of the vehicles as they approach the spectator area and ensure that cars are never accelerating directly toward the spectators (no one likes a car in the face!)
  2. Relocate the drivers mound such that the sun is on the drivers backs (sunburn isn’t fun!) and slope it for wheelchair users
  3. Provide a safe off-track pit area

The design also provides a longer straight, this time on the entrance to the berm so cars will be higher on the banking which should be a great overtaking spot. You’ll notice that the design doesn’t yet include any jumps, but we propose to add them once we have a good knowledge of the drainage/puddle spots that will inevitably occur.

Come along on Saturday sometime if you want to pitch in. Any help is much appreciated.


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