Lap Times Are In…..thanks to Sackville RC


Well I personally had a great time running laps against the clock lastnight. Sackville RC put on a well organized event and their lap timing system worked very reliably – a bargain at $5 a class. Hearing the reassuring beep as you crossed the line helped add to the pressure you feel on the drivers mound. But since it was a time-trial event, a mistake on a particular lap gave you a break in which to calm down before the next flying lap, just like 1:1 qualifying. Fasted times were around the 23-24second mark (cudos to Brian who dipped into the high 22s). It looked like everyone there had fun and there were enough racers to run two classes; 1/10 Short Course Trucks and 1/8 E-Buggy. But there’s certainly space for more racers so if you’re even thinking about, get on the list for next time by emailing Maybe there’ll be a group of 1/10 buggies out next time. I think Sackville RC plan to offer this event every other week so get out and show your support.

Find the lap times here at

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