Urban Gorilla RC Rock Crawlers Hosts Fun Local RC Crawling Competition

There are several HRM-based RC scaler/trail truck/rock crawling Facebook groups, and Urban Gorilla RC Rock Crawlers is one of the newest, established early in January 2016. They’re now up to 1,000 members from all around the world, including people from Australia, Guam, Japan, and Spain, but their home is here in Halifax.


The group has recently started putting on events out of a location on the Bedford waterfront, near DeWolfe Park.  Yesterday’s event had prizes generously donated by local RC shop Mighty Small Cars in Dartmouth.

The Urban Gorilla RC Rock Crawlers Facebook group has some great photos!  You may need to request to join the group to see all the photos from the post, but below we show a few of our favorite pictures.

ug1 ug3 ug2 ug4 ug5 ug6

UPDATE – Video now available:

Well done Urban Gorilla RC Rock Crawlers!

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