Keep your ears open for our interview on CBC Information Morning radio

It was really cold, but the whole RC park was frozen which meant we could actually drive the track. Two of us from the HRCP Society met with Zak from CBC Radio who was interested in the rc park, how it came into existence, and what our plans for the future are. We had an interesting hour trying to drive our cars and avoid the ice patches, while also answering questions, which resulted in lots of fumbled words and lots of incidents with the track markings – I was never meant to multi-task!

You might be thinking why we chose a frozen day in the early spring to talk to CBC, but we’re trying to publicize the fact that we’re going to be at the Shearwater Aviation Museum Spring Hobby Show on April 9th and 10th, and now is a great time to get people who are looking for a summer hobby to start considering RC cars. The more people that do our hobby, the better it is for everyone.

Zak from CBC is going to put together an 8min segment to be broadcast on CBC radio either this coming week or the following. Listen out for us, but if you miss it we’ll post a link to the interview once its available online.

CBCRadio_1 CBCRadio_2 CBCRadio_3 CBCRadio_4

We did manage to grab a few photos from the interview, and Pierre even took an onboard lap with the very-slow Pace Car (Trial Truck!):


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