Sackville RC back at HalifaxRCPark on June 11th

After a really successful day at the Halifax RC Park last week, Sackville RC club will be back there this coming Saturday (June 11th) for some more RC fun for everyone. They’ll start a little later this time (11am), and include in proceedings some 3-lap-races to help drivers to improve their racecraft. Race winners will get a food voucher for bbq food provided by the HRCP committee. Plus there’s going to be an ‘open-workbench’ available where you can get tips, advice or discuss improvements to your cars.

Members of the HalifaxRCPark society will be around so let us know if you enjoy the park and what improvements you’d like to see. We’re trying very hard to maintain this as a useful free facility for everyone so if you have fun then please consider making a donation to the HalifaxRCPark society to help maintain the park. Hope to see you there.

Jun4th2016 SRC2

For more details take a look at SackvilleRCs website here:


1 thought on “Sackville RC back at HalifaxRCPark on June 11th

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