Sackville RC @ HRCP June 11, 2016

Today’s event at HRCP was well attended and lots of fun. Thanks to all who came out. A big thank you to Sackville RC for organizing the event and getting the track in shape. They were up early this morning getting as much as 3 inches of water off a couple of the corners.


Here’s a short video from last weekend.

2 thoughts on “Sackville RC @ HRCP June 11, 2016

  1. Tyler

    Just building a short track course on our farm. Just wondering if anybody around has built one before. We have area about 200ft by 250ft on a bit of a grade. We have taken sod off and are going to shape jumps with clay. I’m guessing that’s the best material to use but wondering on spacing for jumps or do most people just adjust as they go.


    1. Rhodri Armour

      Apologies for the delayed response. We don’t often get messages here so we hope you do see this reply. (contact us at for a quicker reply!)
      In regard to track building, you’re along the right lines. The only thing digging the sod away might do is create a bit of a drainage problem. If you can infill the cutouts with a clay based soil/dirt then you’d likely have less issue with puddles. As far as jumps go, you’ll never get the spacing right for all the types of RC vehicles, so if it’s your track then just build them so they suit your car(s). If you eventually fill the space between the takeoff and landing ramp, creating a table-top, then that will work for all slower vehicles too to some degree. Good luck, and feel free to send us some photos so we can write a little piece on your track.



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