Track stakes needed

This is a call for donations for track maintenance materials – or at least a reminder to keep on the lookout for things we might need.

The main track materials we require are:

  • Dirt – clay-like with very few rocks is ideal
  • Drainage pipe – BigO or similar corrugated pipe
  • Stakes – 12″ long threaded bar (3/8″-3/4″) with welded washers/nuts or Rebar with welded washers
  • Zip ties – strong, long and lots of them for joining the pipe sections together

Those of you that have driven at Halifax RC Park in the last few months will have noticed that there are many sections of track marking pipe that is loose or broken. We have a reasonable stock of BigO to repair damaged sections, but a lot of the damage on the track pieces is because we’ve had to be economic with the use of the few track stakes we have. Ideally we’d have one every 5′ of so. We’re therefore asking the community to be on the lookout for materials we could use for stakes. We’ve previously used threaded bar from about 3/8″ to 3/4″ in size and about a foot long. The stake either has a nut welded to it’s top and a few washers over before it is hammered through the BigO and into the ground. The alternative is to use similar threaded rod or rebar with a couple of washers welded to the end in a butterfly arrangement all the way into the ground through which we then put zip ties to hold the pipe in place. Both work well but we just need more of them.

If you have any spare threaded rod or rebar around then send us an email at and we’ll see if we can use them.

Thanks in advance.


Track stake with washer butterfly

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