Roughed-In track and CBC TV news article

The ground was too soft during the week to get a delivery of dirt for the track but we still took the opportunity today to rough-in the new layout. It’s mostly there but more work will be done over the next weeks to fully secure the track marking, get some puddles filled and jumps built. We’ve made a good start but take care if you visit the Halifax RC Park in the next week.

CBC news even came out this afternoon to report on what we were up too. There’s a 30sec segment at 18min in this evenings news available at this link

2 thoughts on “Roughed-In track and CBC TV news article

  1. Chris fairbrother

    how often to you meet? My grandson and I were there last weekend (May 13)
    to help put nobody was around…..


    1. Rhodri Armour Post author

      Hi Chris. We don’t meet regularly to race just yet but I’m sure there’ll be a time later in the year when we’ll have a few get togethers. We worked on the track from 10-12:30 and then 2-5pm on the 13th. And then we did a bit more yesterday afternoon and I’m sorry we missed you. Some extra hands would have been helpful. There’ll be another track rebuild session once we get some dirt delivered.



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