Giving thanks

Lisa Blackburn is the Councillor for Middle/Upper Sackville – Beaver Bank – Lucasville (District 14) in which the Halifax R/C Park is located. We reached out to her a few weeks ago asking for suggestions of funding opportunities we might be eligible for as a non-profit community group uniquely operating on HRM property. She immediately responded to say that she’d happily give some of her discretionary District Capital Fund to help with the material costs of the spring RC park maintenance. She delivered us a $300 cheque over the weekend that has been used to pay for a truck load of new track-surface clay-dirt that we’re in the process of spreading around the track. We had a long discussion with her about our aims for the R/C park and the benefits of the hobby to the local community. Halifax R/C Park is a unique facility to District 14 and one of only two such R/C facilities in HRM. However, without continued support such as donations similar to that from Councillor Blackburn,  then we will struggle to keep the R/C park open. As always donations of help and funds are always welcome to

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