♫ Rake and Roll ♫

It seems like every weekend this summer has had some rain. So certain we were that we’d have rain at the weekend, we actually scheduled a bit of track maintenance for a weekday. So yesterday, a Monday – so guaranteed no rain right (And to make our theory valid it rained a lot on Saturday and some on Sunday!), I got the lawn tractor, drag-rake, and roller loaded into a U-haul trailer and out to Halifax RC Park. Along with mower and whipper-snipper work by two more of your hard working committee we spent the day refreshing the track. The rake did a good job of pulling up some of the weeds, smoothing some bumps and loosening some stones from the surface generally leaving the track surface looking like it had just hosted an entire weekend of 1/8 buggy/truggy racing. A quick roll packed down the loose dirt. And wipper-snipping around the BigO track marking and final mow of the track on the lowest setting gives a usable and race-able surface.

The track surface certainly isn’t vegetation-free like it was back in 2015, and over time you’ll see the surface resemble a grass-track. But that isn’t a bad thing for a public R/C facility. Grass tracks are popular in Europe, keep the dust down, the R/C cars cleaner and are easier for the small HRCP committee to maintain with a couple of mows and whipper-snipping sessions a week. The grass helps hold the dirt together so the surface remains smoother and consistent over time, and rocks aren’t so easily exposed or dug up.

We ran a couple of Short Course Trucks around the track yesterday afternoon and it was much much better than before. There’s still a couple of sections with bumps that we’ll need to rectify – by making a small bump into a bigger jump!

We’re hoping for success in this long-term plan and one of the great ways to keep the weeds down is to use the track. So have at er!




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