Halifax Radio Controlled Park – Updates

Just an handful of updates concerning Halifax Radio Control Park:

Maintenance: The track and surrounding area was given a full trim last night so the weeds and grass are short and it’s ready to go. Apologies to the two guys with the Traxxas Slash’s that we kicked off when we arrived with the mower and weed wacker – Hope you come back again soon.

Drivers Stand: The drivers stand saga looks to be over – and not in a good way. The requirements placed upon us by the city (HRM) has made the prospect of getting a true vandal-proof drivers stand installed at the park pretty much impossible. A wooden deck-like construction is vulnerable to fire and general abuse so was never really an option for us. Our hope was to re-purpose some metal pallet racking, but unless it’s installed with engineers calculations and sign-off, then it’s not allowed, and the liability assumed by that engineer makes it a hard sell from a professional standpoint. Plus we’d have to pay some ongoing fee to HRM on the square-footage of any structure placed on the site. Unfortunately we’ll have to make do with the bleachers we have, and the drivers mound that is in place. Personally I’d recommend bringing a step-stool for the top of the drivers mound for a better perspective.

However, the city have said that they’d help us with signage and mowing the park, even if the maintenance of the track itself remains the committee’s/community’s responsibility. We’re still waiting on the first mow and wack though! And some official signs will help ensure that park is being used in an appropriate way.


Regional Racing: To those of you thinking of attending some organised racing, there’s another round at Cap Pele this Saturday (23rd Sept) about 2.5hrs from Halifax. George puts on a great event and there’s classes for all types of R/C and drivers of all skill levels are accommodated. Locally it’s not often that you get to run with a full timing system which shows you how you’re improving. More details on the facebook link above.


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