HRCP’s future rests in your hands

Although Halifax Radio Control Park in Beaverbank is free to use, it’s not actually free to operate. The small group of us making up the committee members of the Halifax RC Park Society (Reg Soc No: 3296396) have thanklessly donated their time, and often personal funds, in order to keep the park going. But finances are now exhausted.


An exhausted RC

There are a series of ongoing expenses that have for the last 4 years been covered by the initial donations of discretionary funds from Councillors from the Sackville and BeaverBank areas. In the 4 years since we first opened in 2014, we’ve spent just over $5000 getting the park built, insured annually and maintained. However, without additional funds, the park will not be able to open for the 2018 season. The main condition placed upon us comes from the city, and although they allow us to use their land, they also require that we hold public liability insurance which costs us around $700 per year. This is the absolute minimum requirement of finance for 2018, but excludes any supplies for maintenance such as dirt, drainage pipe, stakes, zip ties, fuel, signage etc. The financial breakdown of a typical year maintaining and improving the Halifax RC Park is approximately $1500 made up of the following:

  • Insurance $700
  • Dirt – 1 or 2 loads at $300 a load
  • Track marking – pipe, stakes, zippers $200
  • Fuel for machinery used for maintenance $50

We’re also planning on some much improved permanent signage as for some reason our “Rules” sign gets torn down within a couple of days of us putting it up.

To offset the financial needs required for us to open 2018, rather than just pleading for cash donations from you, over the next couple of weeks you’ll see the launch of a couple of fundraising schemes:

  1. A limited-ticket-raffle to win a choice of RC vehicles from Mighty Small Cars. $10 a ticket. 200 tickets maximum.
  2. Custom Halifax RC Park clothing for which we’ll receive a small commission.

Naturally, we’re investigating all funding options available to us, but we hope that the RC community will find it in their wallets to support the Halifax RC Park if you want to see it remain. Without the required funds, we’ll be forced to return the site back to the city.


There’s work required to keep an RC park going


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