Choices….choices…win a…Traxxas Slash

We’ve still got tickets available for our fundraising raffle. All the details are in a previous post here, but we’d like to further explain the prize options for those that just can’t decide what they’d choose. First up – the Traxxas Slash.

Poster Image

The Traxxas Slash 1/10 4WD shortcourse truck really invigorated what was becoming a stale 1/10 off-road R/C scene in the late 2000s. The 2WD and 4WD race buggies of the time were becoming less capable in the ‘yard’ environment and the race tracks were getting more and more smooth. Racers had to be super clean with their lines, and the margin for error when passing another vehicle was very slim due to the open wheel buggies. The Slash with it’s large all-covering short course truck body and larger wheels and tires turned those issues on their head. Finally people could buy a vehicle that was totally comfortable around their own yard easily, but would then allow for some great close, body-nudging racing with other Slashes. The Traxxas Slash basically created it’s own spec class at off-road race circuits worldwide. Since then, many other R/C manufacturers developed Short Course Trucks and the race-end versions are expensive and complex. But the Slash still reigns for those just beginning their journey into the R/C hobby.  It’s still a very capable vehicle, with good aftermarket support for upgrades and improvements. Locally, Slashes still compete well even with SCTs double the price. I’m not sure whether Traxxas have a tag line for the Slash, but it should be something along the lines of “You can’t go wrong with a Slash!”


Prize 1 – Traxxas Slash 4×4 Brushless RTR (ex. battery and charger)

The version we’re offering as a raffle prize is has switchable Traxxas stability management (to help with the going-in-a-straight-line thing), and runs brushless power which means you can go straight down a track and slot straight into the local and regional SCT groups and races. Take a look at this link to this model for what you can win: TRA68086. There’s a choice of 4 body colours, but you’ll require a battery and charger to get running (budget another CAD80 or so for those two items).

Keep checking here over the coming weeks for more details of the other prize options.

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