Choices….choices…win an…Axial SCX10-2

We’ve still got tickets available for our fundraising raffle. All the details are in a previous post here, but we’d like to further explain the prize options for those that just can’t decide what they’d choose. Last week we discussed the Traxxas Slash, but this week it’s something at the other end of the R/C vehicle spectrum – the forever loved Axial SCX10-2.

Poster Image

It could be argued that Axial started the trail truck scene with their original AX10 platform back in 2007. There were certainly some other trucks that predated it, but Axial really found a formula to make it popular, and followed it up with the original SCX10 and totally took over the trail truck scene. Trail trucks or Crawlers are now arguably the most popular of all forms of land-based R/C, and the drama of racing is replaced with the camaraderie of surmounting a difficult obstacle with your friends. The slower speeds allow owners to combine scale model-making aspects with radio control which means your custom fully-loaded roof rack, long-travel jack and body mounted tools won’t fall off all the time. Add some head lights and light-bars and you’re good for a run anytime. Think of it like taking a hike with a dog – only that this dog is mechanical! Trail trucks are a year-round activity which is great for the weather we suffer through in Nova Scotia.


Prize 2 – Axial SCX10-2 Kit

We chose to offer the Axial SCX10-2 kit as a prize because it’s Axial’s latest offering and it’s widely supported by the aftermarket community. It’s great out of the box, but with a few choice upgrades you can make it go anywhere. You’ll need to assemble the chassis yourself (that’s where so much of the fun is right) and then add you own electronics (transmitter, receiver, servo(s), motor, battery, charger), and finally apply your chosen paint etc. Check out Axial’s page for full details: AX90046

Keep checking here over the coming weeks for more details of the other prize options.

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