Choices….choices…win TWO ECX Torment 2WD Short Course Trucks

We’ve sold about 75 tickets for our fundraising raffle so there’s still plenty of chances to win available. The winning odds are 1 in 200 so get buying those tickets and help keep Halifax RC Park open for 2018. All the details of the raffle are in a previous post here, but we’d like to further explain the prize options for those that just can’t decide what they’d choose. Last week we discussed the Axial SCX10-2 Trail Truck, and before that the Traxxas Slash Short Course Race Truck, but this week it’s a party as the next option is a pair of ECX Torment trucks for backyard fun for the whole family.

Poster Image

ECX are at the budget end of hobby-grade R/C, but that doesn’t mean their vehicles aren’t good. In fact, it’s the opposite as ECX have done a great job creating a range of robust ready-to-run vehicles at a great price-point which really suit those making their first steps into the R/C hobby.

We selected the short course truck version of their 2WD platform as the covered wheels allow for some close, body-rubbing racing in the yard, or on the track at Halifax RC Park. Our budget doesn’t quite cover a pair of the 4WD versions, but 2WD is where every R/C driver should start if they really want to learn the real craft of throttle control. Plus Donuts are super easy with 2WD! Each ready-to-run box comes with a fully assembled truck, radio, battery and charger. Two colours are available: ECX03333T1  and  ECX03333T2

4 thoughts on “Choices….choices…win TWO ECX Torment 2WD Short Course Trucks

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