We have a winner

So we pulled the winning ticket (#128) for our Fundraising Raffle on Sunday. Needless to say the winner is overjoyed and is busy trying to decide which of our prizes they’d like to have. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to show you what they chose in the near future.

To everyone else who entered, we hope you enjoyed the raffle, but mostly we appreciate the show of support for our efforts in the R/C hobby. While we’re trying super hard to get the track in Beaver Bank going again, we’ll continue to promote R/C in general at local and regional events. We all know how great this hobby is, but lets try and let everyone else know that.

Image result for ecx torment

P.S. If anyone wants to re-watch the draw itself then it should be visible on this link. Turns out you can’t post-edit a Facebook Live Stream (feeling a little embarrassed). https://www.facebook.com/halifaxrcpark/videos/2029454233972886/

P.P.S. Anyone know anything about Belt Sander Drag Racing – there’s some guys that want us to enter one in a local competition! 😉 (post to come)

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