And now for something completely different…….Belt Sander Drag Racing

The guys over at Halifax Makerspace are running a competition that might be down the ‘lane’ of some of our readers. They’ve scheduled some Belt Sander Drag Racing for the end of the summer (Sat August 25th) and they are looking for teams to enter. Looks like a lot of fun. Anyone reading who is interested can get in touch with Shawn directly at

Shawn’s email is copied below:


I’m Shawn, one of the Halifax Makerspace directors. We are considering putting on a Belt Sander Drag Race at the end of the summer, but before we commit to it, we need to know if there will be enough entries to make it worthwhile. So we are asking organizations like yours to either pledge to make a belt sander drag racer and/or to ask their members to pledge to make some.  We think it would be a great way to tie together some similar-minded organizations within and around Halifax, and should be a lot of fun to boot!  Belt sanders can be had occasionally from Kijiji for $10-$50.  Some details are below.

If you can commit to making a belt sander drag racer to enter in this event, please let me know by Sunday, July 15 (also, please let me know if you have a sander for your entry, or extra sanders to give or sell).  If we get enough people pledging to make them, we’ll follow up with a firm rules, dimensions, date and time soon afterwards.

Please share this with whoever you think might enter.  If you have any questions, please let me know by email, phone (9028029714), or in person during an upcoming open house (Sundays 1-5pm).

Proposed Date: Saturday, August 25, 2018  11am – 1pm

Proposed Rain Date: Sunday, August 26, 2018 11am – 1pm


Main Event: Belt Sander Drag Races

A 32’ or 40’ wood track is set up on sawhorses on the north side of the parking lot at 275 Rocky Lake Drive (Four or five pairs of lanes about 8” wide by 8’ long with 2” high walls made of melamine or ply. Lanes are spaced about 12” apart).  Extension cords are run halfway down the length and beside the track, then back to the sanders. Sanders are set to ‘on’ and plugged into a power bar. Power bar is switched on, and the sanders race. Six weeks should be enough time to promote this event and give people time to make an entry.

Rules based roughly on this:


I am thinking we’d just have stock sanders (no alterations to the belt or motor), but encourage people to decorate them and add guides.  This is a ‘thing’, and people make quite elaborate belt sanders.


1 for fastest entry, 1 for best decorated, maybe 1 for most spectacular crash!

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