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Win an R/C car in our Fundraising Raffle

So we’re just over half-way to our target of selling 200 tickets for our fundraising raffle. Tickets numbered from 102 to 200 are still available (and number 46 too because I can’t count!). In an effort to sell those last 98 tickets we’re going to let you guys choose your ticket numbers for that range. If you think any of those numbers are lucky, then let us know when you send your payment, and we’ll put you’re name on that ticket, otherwise you’ll just be buying the next one in the book.

Tickets are $10 each, and you can win one of five prizes:

To buy a ticket, send an EMT to and then a followup email with your contact details. If we don’t reach our target of 200 tickets sold by May 2018, then we’ll be forced to close the Halifax RC Park in BeaverBank and we’ll refund you all your money.

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Keep checking here over the coming weeks for more updates.


Beginner R/C Racing Tips

So there’s lots of great information out there on the internet for newcomers to the R/C racing hobby, but this short video from Jason at Short Course World hits some really important points.

He’s definitely right that top speed isn’t that important – You’re faster when you crash less, and crashing less means practice and starting off slow (plus when you hit stuff, and you will hit stuff, you’re less likely to break stuff if you’re going slower).

Our beginners section has some broad information on the R/C car hobby, but there’s a sub-page on R/C racing too.

There’s work in the background to try and get some more regular racing going at Halifax RC Park this coming year, with the possibility of true lap-times and an organized race-event format (i.e. 5min races, with classes to suit everyone, beginners/kids included). But that all depends upon keeping the facility open in 2018 – we still have lots of tickets for our fundraising raffle.

New Year = Choices….choices…win a $500 gift voucher for Mighty Small Cars

Happy New Year from the Halifax RC Park. Lets hope 2018 is a great year for R/C in HRM and the Maritimes. We’ve sold almost 100 tickets for a our fundraising raffle to help keep Halifax RC Park open for 2018 but that means we’re only halfway to our target. All the details of the raffle and how to enter are in a previous post here. It’s $10 per ticket with a total of 200 tickets.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve gone into detail about the four prize options we pre-selected:

  1. Traxxas Slash Short Course Race Truck RTR (ex battery)
  2. Axial SCX10-2 Trail Truck Kit
  3. A pair of ECX Torment RTR Short Course Trucks
  4. Tamiya TT02B ready-to-build-and-run kit and combo

But there is always the final choice of a $500 gift voucher to Mighty Small Cars in Dartmouth (that’s $435 pre tax if you’re into window shopping). And while you don’t get quite as good a deal going this route, you do get to choose whatever R/C vehicle or R/C accessories you like. Don’t forget that Geoff and his staff over at Mighty Small Cars can order practically anything in for you. You want to use the $500 voucher toward a TLR 22 4.0 2WD race buggy, no problem. What about a top end Futaba radio, sure. Or just a bundle of LiPo batteries, great. So if our pre-selected choices don’t float-your-boat (or run-your-rig!), don’t forget that if you win and you choose the $500 MSC voucher then certainly check with MSC to see what that can order in for you.

This post wraps up our five prize choices for our raffle, but there’s still some way to go before we can actually do the draw after selling 200 tickets. Remember if we haven’t sold all the tickets by May 2018, then we’ll be forced to close the park and refund entry payments. Any questions or suggestions then please email us at

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Choices….choices…win a ready-to-build-and-race, Tamiya TT02B 4WD buggy

Happy Holidays everyone. We’ve sold 86 tickets to our fundraising raffle, so we still have over 100 tickets to sell in order to keep Halifax RC Park open for 2018. Those that have purchased tickets already thank you so much, but remember that you’re welcome to buy more tickets if you’d like to improve your chances of winning.

All the details of the raffle are in a previous post here, but we’d like to further explain the prize options for those that just can’t decide what they’d choose. Last week we discussed winning a pair of ECX Torment Short Course Trucks, and before that the Axial SCX10-2 Trail Truck, and the Traxxas Slash Short Course Race Truck, but this week we’re going for the mechanically inclined newcomer to the R/C hobby who might want to build and then run their own car with a Tamiya TT02B 1/10 4WD Buggy.

Poster Image

Building a kit of a Tamiya R/C car, and having a hobby shop supply the required combo of radio gear, battery, charger, paint etc, was the conventional way to start the R/C hobby for those of us who’ve been doing R/C for decades. Ready-to-run models didn’t exist so building a kit was the only route in, and Tamiya made the most complete kits with the best assembly manuals. The modern style of RTRs mean you get running quickly but you lose out the huge sense of personal achievement that comes from building a fully functional R/C car from a kit, fitting it out with electronics, painting the body and seeing it speed off down the driveway for the first time.

We’ve chosen one of the more modern and robust versions of Tamiya’s unique R/C cars – the TT02B 4WD buggy platform. There’s three body styles to choose from (L to R below: Plasma Edge II #58630Neo Scorcher #58568 and Dual Ridge #58596) and the hobby shop will include everything you need to get running (a LiPo battery, charger, transmitter, receiver, servo and body paint). There’s a local group (click here) who have started a simple and fun race class for these vehicles called Formula TT02B running mostly box-stock cars. So a raffle winner who chooses this prize can drop straight into this local group.


Prize 4 – Choice of Tamiya TT02B kit and accessories to get it running.

Choices….choices…win TWO ECX Torment 2WD Short Course Trucks

We’ve sold about 75 tickets for our fundraising raffle so there’s still plenty of chances to win available. The winning odds are 1 in 200 so get buying those tickets and help keep Halifax RC Park open for 2018. All the details of the raffle are in a previous post here, but we’d like to further explain the prize options for those that just can’t decide what they’d choose. Last week we discussed the Axial SCX10-2 Trail Truck, and before that the Traxxas Slash Short Course Race Truck, but this week it’s a party as the next option is a pair of ECX Torment trucks for backyard fun for the whole family.

Poster Image

ECX are at the budget end of hobby-grade R/C, but that doesn’t mean their vehicles aren’t good. In fact, it’s the opposite as ECX have done a great job creating a range of robust ready-to-run vehicles at a great price-point which really suit those making their first steps into the R/C hobby.

We selected the short course truck version of their 2WD platform as the covered wheels allow for some close, body-rubbing racing in the yard, or on the track at Halifax RC Park. Our budget doesn’t quite cover a pair of the 4WD versions, but 2WD is where every R/C driver should start if they really want to learn the real craft of throttle control. Plus Donuts are super easy with 2WD! Each ready-to-run box comes with a fully assembled truck, radio, battery and charger. Two colours are available: ECX03333T1  and  ECX03333T2

Choices….choices…win an…Axial SCX10-2

We’ve still got tickets available for our fundraising raffle. All the details are in a previous post here, but we’d like to further explain the prize options for those that just can’t decide what they’d choose. Last week we discussed the Traxxas Slash, but this week it’s something at the other end of the R/C vehicle spectrum – the forever loved Axial SCX10-2.

Poster Image

It could be argued that Axial started the trail truck scene with their original AX10 platform back in 2007. There were certainly some other trucks that predated it, but Axial really found a formula to make it popular, and followed it up with the original SCX10 and totally took over the trail truck scene. Trail trucks or Crawlers are now arguably the most popular of all forms of land-based R/C, and the drama of racing is replaced with the camaraderie of surmounting a difficult obstacle with your friends. The slower speeds allow owners to combine scale model-making aspects with radio control which means your custom fully-loaded roof rack, long-travel jack and body mounted tools won’t fall off all the time. Add some head lights and light-bars and you’re good for a run anytime. Think of it like taking a hike with a dog – only that this dog is mechanical! Trail trucks are a year-round activity which is great for the weather we suffer through in Nova Scotia.


Prize 2 – Axial SCX10-2 Kit

We chose to offer the Axial SCX10-2 kit as a prize because it’s Axial’s latest offering and it’s widely supported by the aftermarket community. It’s great out of the box, but with a few choice upgrades you can make it go anywhere. You’ll need to assemble the chassis yourself (that’s where so much of the fun is right) and then add you own electronics (transmitter, receiver, servo(s), motor, battery, charger), and finally apply your chosen paint etc. Check out Axial’s page for full details: AX90046

Keep checking here over the coming weeks for more details of the other prize options.

Choices….choices…win a…Traxxas Slash

We’ve still got tickets available for our fundraising raffle. All the details are in a previous post here, but we’d like to further explain the prize options for those that just can’t decide what they’d choose. First up – the Traxxas Slash.

Poster Image

The Traxxas Slash 1/10 4WD shortcourse truck really invigorated what was becoming a stale 1/10 off-road R/C scene in the late 2000s. The 2WD and 4WD race buggies of the time were becoming less capable in the ‘yard’ environment and the race tracks were getting more and more smooth. Racers had to be super clean with their lines, and the margin for error when passing another vehicle was very slim due to the open wheel buggies. The Slash with it’s large all-covering short course truck body and larger wheels and tires turned those issues on their head. Finally people could buy a vehicle that was totally comfortable around their own yard easily, but would then allow for some great close, body-nudging racing with other Slashes. The Traxxas Slash basically created it’s own spec class at off-road race circuits worldwide. Since then, many other R/C manufacturers developed Short Course Trucks and the race-end versions are expensive and complex. But the Slash still reigns for those just beginning their journey into the R/C hobby.  It’s still a very capable vehicle, with good aftermarket support for upgrades and improvements. Locally, Slashes still compete well even with SCTs double the price. I’m not sure whether Traxxas have a tag line for the Slash, but it should be something along the lines of “You can’t go wrong with a Slash!”


Prize 1 – Traxxas Slash 4×4 Brushless RTR (ex. battery and charger)

The version we’re offering as a raffle prize is has switchable Traxxas stability management (to help with the going-in-a-straight-line thing), and runs brushless power which means you can go straight down a track and slot straight into the local and regional SCT groups and races. Take a look at this link to this model for what you can win: TRA68086. There’s a choice of 4 body colours, but you’ll require a battery and charger to get running (budget another CAD80 or so for those two items).

Keep checking here over the coming weeks for more details of the other prize options.