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Halifax Radio Controlled Park – Updates

Just an handful of updates concerning Halifax Radio Control Park:

Maintenance: The track and surrounding area was given a full trim last night so the weeds and grass are short and it’s ready to go. Apologies to the two guys with the Traxxas Slash’s that we kicked off when we arrived with the mower and weed wacker – Hope you come back again soon.

Drivers Stand: The drivers stand saga looks to be over – and not in a good way. The requirements placed upon us by the city (HRM) has made the prospect of getting a true vandal-proof drivers stand installed at the park pretty much impossible. A wooden deck-like construction is vulnerable to fire and general abuse so was never really an option for us. Our hope was to re-purpose some metal pallet racking, but unless it’s installed with engineers calculations and sign-off, then it’s not allowed, and the liability assumed by that engineer makes it a hard sell from a professional standpoint. Plus we’d have to pay some ongoing fee to HRM on the square-footage of any structure placed on the site. Unfortunately we’ll have to make do with the bleachers we have, and the drivers mound that is in place. Personally I’d recommend bringing a step-stool for the top of the drivers mound for a better perspective.

However, the city have said that they’d help us with signage and mowing the park, even if the maintenance of the track itself remains the committee’s/community’s responsibility. We’re still waiting on the first mow and wack though! And some official signs will help ensure that park is being used in an appropriate way.


Regional Racing: To those of you thinking of attending some organised racing, there’s another round at Cap Pele this Saturday (23rd Sept) about 2.5hrs from Halifax. George puts on a great event and there’s classes for all types of R/C and drivers of all skill levels are accommodated. Locally it’s not often that you get to run with a full timing system which shows you how you’re improving. More details on the facebook link above.



Regional R/C Racing – Cap Pele August 26th 2017

We’re normally very much Halifax/Dartmouth R/C focused on, but for those of you interested in R/C racing slightly further afield, here’s a little report on last weekends race at Cap Pele Revolution Raceway in NB that a couple of us from your committee attended.

The race series at Cap Pele runs from May until October about once a month and draws drivers from all over the region. George puts on a great event, with Mylaps/AMB timing system (with loaner transponders for those without their own), times uploaded to LiveRC, and classes for pretty much everything out there from 1/16 electric to 1/8 nitro buggies. The track George has built in his yard is quite a challenge for the drivers with some very interesting sections that are in his own words – “made to be difficult”. There’s some bumpy washboard, a couple of sets of double-jumps, a 90° tabletop plus a neat section of moguls that when taken exactly right mean you can cut the last corner by leaping clean over the track marking.


Personally I entered 2WD electric buggy, 4WD electric Short Course Truck (SCT) and 1/8 electric buggy. After just over a 2.5hr drive, we had time for a handful of practice laps before the qualifying rounds started at about 10am. Each qualifier lasts 5min and drivers start at 1 second intervals to allow for maximum qualifying pace. Here you’re looking to complete the most laps you can in the 5min period. Making few mistakes is important as consistency is king. And it’s important to let quicker cars past as cleanly as quickly as possible. The results from the qualifiers for each class seed your start position for the finals.

Both the 2WD buggy, and 4WD SCT had enough drivers for a couple of qualifying races, and then for both a B-main (second tier) and A-main finals race. I was fortunate to qualify in 7th for both classes which meant I only had to race in the A-main. Those qualifying 8th and below, raced in the B-main with the top three from that race taking a ‘bump-up’ into the A-main. 1/8 Electric buggy had just under 10 drivers so a single A-main covered everyone. My final qualifier in 1/8 E-buggy went well and I qualified 3rd on the grid for the finals.

2WD buggies are hard to drive cleanly. They under-steer like crazy when on the throttle, and then quickly turn to over-steer under breaking as the weight transfers forward making them the most difficult to drive cleanly. After a terrible start where I dropped to the back of the field, I managed to claw my way back up to 7th before the end of the 7min long final.

4WD short course trucks are big beasts but take the bumps well. I managed to put together a handful of successive clean laps to claw my way up the field from 7th to 4th place within three laps. Some tight racing followed for a few laps after a mistake from the driver in front found me up in 3rd. I was quickly catching the racer in 2nd but a big mistake a couple of laps from the end meant I fell another 10 seconds back – not quite far enough to be caught before the end of the race. But I’d managed to secure 3rd on the podium overall which felt great. You can see the entire race details here on Live RC:

1/8 E-buggy are quicker still than the SCT races, but starting high on the grid made for a less eventful first lap and keeping it clean (or at least cleaner than the guys that followed) means I didn’t even pass or become-passed by anyone for the entire race. Check out my amazingly consistent position tracker from Live RC:


Overall, I was both happy and surprised at my performance. Obviously getting some R/C practice in at Halifax R/C Park has paid off a little over the years, and I’d encourage you all to do the same. We hope to be able to put on events like this in the coming years, but its dependent on keeping the track in good condition (which is always a challenge). We need more jumps and bumps though!



♫ Rake and Roll ♫

It seems like every weekend this summer has had some rain. So certain we were that we’d have rain at the weekend, we actually scheduled a bit of track maintenance for a weekday. So yesterday, a Monday – so guaranteed no rain right (And to make our theory valid it rained a lot on Saturday and some on Sunday!), I got the lawn tractor, drag-rake, and roller loaded into a U-haul trailer and out to Halifax RC Park. Along with mower and whipper-snipper work by two more of your hard working committee we spent the day refreshing the track. The rake did a good job of pulling up some of the weeds, smoothing some bumps and loosening some stones from the surface generally leaving the track surface looking like it had just hosted an entire weekend of 1/8 buggy/truggy racing. A quick roll packed down the loose dirt. And wipper-snipping around the BigO track marking and final mow of the track on the lowest setting gives a usable and race-able surface.

The track surface certainly isn’t vegetation-free like it was back in 2015, and over time you’ll see the surface resemble a grass-track. But that isn’t a bad thing for a public R/C facility. Grass tracks are popular in Europe, keep the dust down, the R/C cars cleaner and are easier for the small HRCP committee to maintain with a couple of mows and whipper-snipping sessions a week. The grass helps hold the dirt together so the surface remains smoother and consistent over time, and rocks aren’t so easily exposed or dug up.

We ran a couple of Short Course Trucks around the track yesterday afternoon and it was much much better than before. There’s still a couple of sections with bumps that we’ll need to rectify – by making a small bump into a bigger jump!

We’re hoping for success in this long-term plan and one of the great ways to keep the weeds down is to use the track. So have at er!




Fighting the weather

So our successes rate of planned track maintenance vs. actual maintenance this season hasn’t been very good. We’ve had more rained-off work parties than actual work parties. We’ll continue to work on the track throughout the season, and if anyone is feeling enthusiastic then adding features or making repairs yourself can be carried out at any time. But the track is most certainly open and ready to use. You’ll find it a little bumpy in places, but as time goes on, and we carry out more maintenance, that should improve.

EDIT: We’ve added a weather widget to the website to give you the current weather at Halifax RC Park. Should be just over there on the right –>


Making tracks – more on Saturday 17th June 9am-noon PLANS FOILED AGAIN DUE TO RAIN

The ground was still too wet last Sunday to get machinery to assist with building jumps on the race track at Halifax R/C Park, so all the progress was made by hand. A jump has been built on the outer loop, but this weekend (Saturday 17th 9am-noon) we’ll be back on track with machinery to make some more jumps. If anyone is around to help out then you’re welcome to come along – we’ll even have tools for those without any.


2017 R/C Track Layout

A local drone pilot (@JoeMiddleroad) took a great photo of the new 2017 layout at Halifax R/C Park a few weeks back. Since the photo we’ve been hard at work removing weeds and will shortly be building jumps (tomorrow, Sat 10th June 1-3pm) to give the track that real off-road feel.

The new layout has 3 possible tracks:

  1. A novice loop (green) for slower vehicles and less experienced drivers
  2. An advanced loop (orange) for the quicker cars
  3. A full circuit (blue) using a combination of the two loops
  • If you find yourself alone at the circuit, feel free to use whichever layout you prefer. But do try to accommodate other users if they arrive while you are there.


  • Always remember to be considerate of other users of the R/C track
  • R/C cars can be dangerous, so make sure you don’t stand on the track when driving

Come help to add some jumps! Sun 11th 10am-3pm (was Saturday but rain made us move it)

We’re having another work party on Sunday 11th June between 10am and 3pm to add some much needed elevation changes (JUMPS!). If anyone would like to drop along to the track at Halifax RC Park then you’re all welcome. We’ll even have spare tools for those that don’t have any. No prizes to win this time unless an amazing tan and a full body workout is all the prize you need!

N.B. Rain has moved this to Sunday 11th June.


A couple of years back we were still working hard on the track