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Beginner R/C Racing Tips

So there’s lots of great information out there on the internet for newcomers to the R/C racing hobby, but this short video from Jason at Short Course World hits some really important points.

He’s definitely right that top speed isn’t that important – You’re faster when you crash less, and crashing less means practice and starting off slow (plus when you hit stuff, and you will hit stuff, you’re less likely to break stuff if you’re going slower).

Our beginners section has some broad information on the R/C car hobby, but there’s a sub-page on R/C racing too.

There’s work in the background to try and get some more regular racing going at Halifax RC Park this coming year, with the possibility of true lap-times and an organized race-event format (i.e. 5min races, with classes to suit everyone, beginners/kids included). But that all depends upon keeping the facility open in 2018 – we still have lots of tickets for our fundraising raffle.


Roughed-In track and CBC TV news article

The ground was too soft during the week to get a delivery of dirt for the track but we still took the opportunity today to rough-in the new layout. It’s mostly there but more work will be done over the next weeks to fully secure the track marking, get some puddles filled and jumps built. We’ve made a good start but take care if you visit the Halifax RC Park in the next week.

CBC news even came out this afternoon to report on what we were up too. There’s a 30sec segment at 18min in this evenings news available at this link

May 6th Track Rebuild Work Party CANCELLED due to weather

Rain and Halifax RC Park don’t mix well and the quantity of rain in the forecast for the weekend would make any work on the race track extremely muddy. So we’ve taken the decision to cancel the work party for May 6th. We plan to go ahead on the 13th so keep checking back here for details.

And just a reminder that Tim from Crossroad RC Supply has donated a Zippy 5000mAh 2S (7.4v) LiPo battery to us to give away to one of the hard workers who helps out with the track repair. Make sure you give your name to me (Rhodri) when you arrive and we’ll do the draw after the session on the 13th.

Please remember that HRCP is a free-to-use public track and as a non-profit society we’re entirely reliant on donations to keep the track going. We have significant annual insurance costs, and expenses for the park maintenance materials. We’re lucky to have free land from the city, but without continued donations from the users then the RC park won’t be allowed to continue. We’ll be making more concerted efforts to raise funds in the coming weeks, but this it just a friendly reminder that no donation will ever be turned down. You can interac us directly at


Example Time Trial Results – Next Session Saturday August 29th

Sackville RC just emailed out the full results from last weeks time-trial session and I’ve posted mine on this link: Example Results


What is cool is that I can see the lap times from successive laps and note where I was quickest, and try to remember how I felt at the time. My fastest lap was right in the middle of the session, and one of a run of three fairly consistent laps without any major mistakes. And my memory of that part of the session is not that clear so maybe that’s when I’m my fasted. I feel like I made a lot of mistakes at the start when the cars were bunched up, and then I started to feel the pressure toward the end of the session. I guess in the middle there was some clear space to get some clean laps in. There’s a few 28-35second laps which were just the result of spinning out, a few 40+second laps where I landed on the roof after a mistake and needed to be marshalled. It’s great to finally see how hard it is to do consistent laps, and this is one step along the path to timed races at Halifax RC Park.


Sackville RC will be hosting their second timed-laps event on Saturday August 29th at 9am. Shoot them an email at to book your slot and check their website for more details

REMINDER: Timed Laps at the Halifax RC Park this week (Aug 19th)

Sackville RC still have some spaces for their Time Trial event this week. If you’re not sure if you want to participate, it’s surely going to be a fun evening so please drop by and show your support by spectating.

Timed Laps at the Halifax RC Park.