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REMINDER: Timed Laps at the Halifax RC Park this week (Aug 19th)

Sackville RC still have some spaces for their Time Trial event this week. If you’re not sure if you want to participate, it’s surely going to be a fun evening so please drop by and show your support by spectating.

Timed Laps at the Halifax RC Park.

Timed Laps at the Halifax RC Park

Sign up, sign up. Before Saturday night!

Sackville RC


We still have some openings for the Timed Sessions we are having on Wednesday August 19, 2015 at 6pm at the Halifax RC Park. Using the DirtChamp Design System, we will record the lap times of 6 vehicles on the track at once. We are offering a 20 minute session with a 5 minute break at the 10 minute mark. The break will give you a chance to change batteries, get a drink or just gather your thoughts. There is a $5.00 charge for each session. Using the DirtChamp Design Timing system will require you to make some small changes to your vehicle, some of you may want to use an old body.


For those of you interested in putting in some timed laps with the DirtChamp Design Timing System, here is what you will need to do that will make things much easier for you at your timing session.


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More details about the chance to do some Timed Laps at the HRCP Track – August 19th


The guys over at Sackville RC have released some more details of their Timed Laps session at the HRCP Track on Wednesday August 19th, including what it’ll cost you. Any profits raised will be fed right back into improving the park so please come out and show your support. With the new jumps in place, I’d also recommend getting out there for some practice laps beforehand as it’s a little more tricky!


HRCP Track is ready to host your races!

The jumps are going onto the HRCP track tomorrow (come help us on Saturday August 8th) and after that the HRCP committee believe we will have the track in a suitable condition to host your off-road race events. We welcome your club or RC group to contact us about organizing track based events that could range in size from a few vehicles, up to competitive timed racing and even larger. Shoot us an email at with your plans and we’ll be happy to help out where we can. Now it’s up to you guys.

Along similar lines, we have a date for the first timed laps on the HRCP track. Sackville RC club are going to host a Timed Session on the evening of Wednesday August 19th. Keep your eyes here and over at for more details.


Halifax RC Park Work Party August 8, 2015

Sackville RC


This Saturday August 8 at 10am, we will be at the Halifax RC Park, building a jump or two and doing a little track maintenance. We hope to be done within a couple of hours. We are looking for volunteers from the RC community to help us out. If you have a few hours free, then please come on out with your rakes, shovels and wheel barrows.

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Halifax RC Park is Ready for the Natal Day Weekend

Sackville RC


Myself and Todd were up to the Halifax RC Park this morning, we did a little maintenance and ran our 1/8 Buggies. Track conditions are excellent and the Bash Park has been cleaned up as well.  Enjoy the long weekend.  I hope to see you there.

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Work Party 8th August – Track Maintenance & Jumps. And Crawler Trail construction

The committee are looking for volunteers from the RC community to help us:
1) Build some jumps for the track at HRCP to make it into a true off-road race circuit.
2) Begin construction on a RC crawler trail including boulder fields and mud puddles.

If you have a few hours free, and aren’t scared of a little manual labour , then please come along with your rakes, shovels, wheel barrows and tampers.

Let us know your coming at: