Giving thanks

Lisa Blackburn is the Councillor for Middle/Upper Sackville – Beaver Bank – Lucasville (District 14) in which the Halifax R/C Park is located. We reached out to her a few weeks ago asking for suggestions of funding opportunities we might be eligible for as a non-profit community group uniquely operating on HRM property. She immediately responded to say that she’d happily give some of her discretionary District Capital Fund to help with the material costs of the spring RC park maintenance. She delivered us a $300 cheque over the weekend that has been used to pay for a truck load of new track-surface clay-dirt that we’re in the process of spreading around the track. We had a long discussion with her about our aims for the R/C park and the benefits of the hobby to the local community. Halifax R/C Park is a unique facility to District 14 and one of only two such R/C facilities in HRM. However, without continued support such as donations similar to that from Councillor Blackburn,  then we will struggle to keep the R/C park open. As always donations of help and funds are always welcome to


HRCP cover story on yesterdays Bedford-Sackville Observer (May 30st 2017)

We’re trying really hard to let the general public know all about our amazing hobby, and yesterday there was a cover story in the Bedford-Sackville Observer about the RC Park. You can read the full copy here on the ChronicalHerald Website:

If you’ve found your way to our website because of that article and you think you might be interested in the hobby, then do take a look at our beginner pages for a bit of background information. Also feel free to email us at if you have any questions about the park or the hobby.

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Work Party Battery Winner

Thanks to all of you that helped out with the Work Parties to get the track back running. It’s now drivable, but there’s certainly still work to be done.

Tim at CrossRoad RC Supply, kindly donated a lipo battery to the cause for everyone that helped out (as he was running the draw he wanted the HRCP committee included). We gave him the list of helpers yesterday and he completed the draw using a random number. It’s all detailed in his facebook post pictured below. Congratulations to Glenn, please get in touch and we’ll pass on Tim’s details.

The track is now ready to use. It’s bumpy in places, and you’ll still continue to see changes as the season progresses and the committee get more opportunities to work on the track. There will always be chances to help out and if you want the track to remain open then help is what we need.

Final HRCP work party Sun 28th May 1-5pm. Last chance to win a 2s Lipo battery.

The track layout is now down at Halifax R/C Park. The surface itself is still quite rough and weed covered in places and that’ll be dealt with over the coming weeks now that we have new dirt on site.

Sunday 28th May sees our final work party run from 1pm-5pm. It’s also the last chance to win the 2s Lipo battery from Tim at Crossroad RC Supply so give your name to one of the Halifax RC Park society committee of you come help out.

The plan for the afternoon is to get some weeds cut back (weed wackers welcome!), roots dug up and used as the foundation of some new jumps, and then use the new dirt to cover the jumps and fill any low sections of the track where weeds were removed. That’s the plan anyway.

Bring tools (picks, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows) and PPE (bugspray!! Sunscreen, hats).

Work Party part 2 – Sunday 21st May 1pm-5pm

This Sunday there’s another chance to win a 2s LiPo battery from Crossroad RC as we’re having a part-2 to our work party to get the new race track layout down at Halifax RC Park. We’ll be there from 1pm to 5pm working on the track which still requires some securing of the BigO marking, some clearing of grass/weeds and the construction of some jumps. So bring shovels, rakes, wheel barrows, picks, and sunscreen and bug-spray!

Can’t wait to try some laps on the finished track.


Roughed-In track and CBC TV news article

The ground was too soft during the week to get a delivery of dirt for the track but we still took the opportunity today to rough-in the new layout. It’s mostly there but more work will be done over the next weeks to fully secure the track marking, get some puddles filled and jumps built. We’ve made a good start but take care if you visit the Halifax RC Park in the next week.

CBC news even came out this afternoon to report on what we were up too. There’s a 30sec segment at 18min in this evenings news available at this link

Looking Good – Work Party Reminder Sat May 13th (tomorrow)

@JoeMiddleroad posted a tweet containing couple of aerial drone shots of the track at Halifax RC Park from Monday this week. Even after all the rain we had over the weekend it was looking pretty dry so we’re certain that tomorrows track rebuild work party (Sat May 13th 10am-6pm) will be very productive, and not too muddy. Lets hope @JoeMiddleroad stops by again to take photos of the new layout!

Even if you have only an hour to spare, any extra help we can get on Saturday will be much appreciated. Plus there’s a chance to win a 2S battery from CrossroadRC Supply if you help out.