We have a winner

So we pulled the winning ticket (#128) for our Fundraising Raffle on Sunday. Needless to say the winner is overjoyed and is busy trying to decide which of our prizes they’d like to have. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to show you what they chose in the near future.

To everyone else who entered, we hope you enjoyed the raffle, but mostly we appreciate the show of support for our efforts in the R/C hobby. While we’re trying super hard to get the track in Beaver Bank going again, we’ll continue to promote R/C in general at local and regional events. We all know how great this hobby is, but lets try and let everyone else know that.

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P.S. If anyone wants to re-watch the draw itself then it should be visible on this link. Turns out you can’t post-edit a Facebook Live Stream (feeling a little embarrassed). https://www.facebook.com/halifaxrcpark/videos/2029454233972886/

P.P.S. Anyone know anything about Belt Sander Drag Racing – there’s some guys that want us to enter one in a local competition! ūüėČ (post to come)

Regional Racing – and Raffle Draw News

Here at the Halifax R/C Park Society we had hoped to be bringing you amazing news of a reinstated off-road R/C track at Halifax R/C Park in Beaver Bank, however the weather gods and personal time-lines are yet to align so it’s proving difficult to get a public free-to-use race track down for you guys to use at will. We hope to bring news of that to you all in the coming weeks, but we will most certainly need your help – start training your raking and digging muscles!

But I know you’re all eager to hear about the fundraising raffle. The draw will take place on June 24th at around 4pm. About 60 of the 200 tickets are still available and if you’d like to improve your odds of winning then follow this link: https://halifaxrcpark.com/2018/01/21/win-an-r-c-car-in-our-fundraising-raffle/ . I’ll be broadcasting the draw live on the Halifax R/C Park Facebook page¬†(if I can work out how to do it!) so good luck to everyone that bought a ticket.

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But if you have a hole in your life for some off-road R/C racing because Halifax Radio Controlled Park isn’t open, then there are other options available to you:

Firstly there’s a couple of other local public tracks that you can take your R/Cs to. They are both totally drivable as far as I know – and as always with public tracks you should be considerate of other users, and leave the track in the same condition as you found it (or better if you’d like to help the track builders).

Secondly, if you’d like to try your hand at racing, then there’s a few local Facebook groups that organise some short-notice events that are often open to the public. These either run on one of the local public tracks, or on one of the handful of local private tracks. If you’re thinking of coming along, then do reach out to the organiser to check that spectators are allowed, or that there’s a suitable race class for beginners. Every single racer started out as a novice so they should be very welcoming and we all want more people to race with. A few key face-book groups to join and keep an eye on are:

And thirdly, if you’d you’d like to watch or join one of the more established timed race events then venturing into NB and PEI gives you some more options. MRCR has a calendar with most of the Atlantic regional race events listed: http://www.mrcr.ca/events/. It’s worth having a read through the following information pages beforehand about what to expect at a race event and a general track-etiquette guide¬†before arriving at the larger timed events.

  • Cap Pele R/C Revolution Raceway – George runs a 6 race summer series at his home track in Cap Pele (and some evening racing for those more local). Race dates are June 16th, July 21st,¬†Aug 18th,¬†Sept 15th, Oct 6th but the facebook group has lots more information.
  • Red Clay R/C – Check their facebook group for all the details of racing in Charlottetown PEI.
  • Black Fly R/C – Stephane runs some races at his home track. The¬†facebook group also has more information.

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Youth Expo 2018 Review

A couple of weekends back we had a very good reception as part of the Youth Expo held in Brookfield NS. The Youth Expo is a large event aimed at youngsters with the particular focus on ‘hands-on’ activities. The organisers found us online and invited us to come and promote the hobby of R/C vehicles to the public. As those of you that check-in regularly, you know that there is an important distinction between Toy Grade and Hobby Grade R/C vehicles (we talk all about it on our beginners pages).

We had a few tables displaying a wide variety of R/C vehicles, and a foam R/C track setup on which people could spend a few minutes driving a pair of 1:27 micro scale racers. The cars held up well to continuous use, but alas it was the return spring on the steering wheel transmitters that gave out an hour before the end of the show (they’re still on my work-bench awaiting further investigation!). Don’t ask how many AAA batteries we went through!

We handed out a lot of information cards with links to this website so I hope there’s a few new readers. If so, Hi!

I didn’t get much opportunity to investigate the rest of the show but there looked to be lots of interesting things to see and try. I did take a couple of photos toward the end of the day though. There looked to be Laser Tag, Scotia Speedworld, Archery, Excavators, MotoCross etc. and there was even a competing R/C car track!

We hope to be invited back this year, and we’ve learned a lot about the shows setup. Maybe next year you’ll find us outside with bigger cars and a bigger track!

Mark your calendars – R/C’s at TheYouthExpo on Saturday Apr 21st

The Halifax R/C Park Society were asked to provide a stand demonstrating and promoting R/C cars at a great kids event called TheYouthExpo. So we’ll be there with an indoor foam track to try your hand at racing some Micro touring cars¬†outdoor throwdown track, jumps and will have a selection of R/C cars to display, demonstrate, and discuss with visitors. The event is on April 21st from 9am-4pm at the Don Henderson Memorial Sportsplex, Brookfield, NS and is free for under-18s but the accompanying adults gotta pay! Come and learn about how great the hobby of R/C cars is.

Lots more information on TheYouthExpo website and on their Facebook page.

UPDATE: We know where we are going to be located inside the hall. Top right of image below.



And remember, our Fundraising Raffle is still going on. We’ve sold just over 140 tickets of 200 and the draw will happen at one of the the Halifax R/C Park maintenance events in Beaver Bank sometime in April or May (even if we don’t sell all the tickets!)

Thanks for visiting us – come and find us again at…

We all had a great time this weekend promoting radio controlled cars and trucks to everyone who visited the Shearwater Spring Hobby Show. Sunday was particularly fun as we had a large demonstration area and a few of our visitors were lucky enough to get the opportunity to drive a few cars on our throwdown track. Or even build a coil-over shock and spring from a kit r/c car. Sometimes there were ten different cars on track at a time. I didn’t have the chance to take a lot of photos as I was too busy letting everyone know how amazing and wholesome the hobby of R/C cars is, but what I do have is shown below.

Although we might not get the big area for next year’s hobby show, we’ve already got a few ideas about how best to demonstrate how R/C crawlers work!


But you don’t have to wait long to see us again as we will have an outdoor demonstration area at the Youth Expo in Brookfield on April 21st. Keep checking here for more information in the coming days.

And remember, our Fundraising Raffle is still going on. We‚Äôve sold just over 140 tickets of 200 and the draw will happen at one of the the Halifax R/C Park maintenance events in Beaver Bank sometime in April or May (even if we don’t sell all the tickets!)

R/C Promotion event this weekend (7th and 8th of April 2018)

There’s no guarantee of a good weather weekend coming up, but there is guarantee of a fun, interesting and exciting time at the Shearwater Hobby Show. This post is just a reminder that we’ll be at the show promoting R/C cars of all types from 10am-4pm at the SeaKing Club on Shearwater Base.¬†If you can choose a day, then aim for Sunday 8th April as we’ll have a bigger display, with some hands on R/C parts construction for you to try. More details in our original post here.



See some R/C cars moving at Shearwater Spring Hobby Show – April 7th and 8th 2018

This will be the 4th year we’ve been part of the Shearwater Spring Hobby Show and new this year is a stand location upgrade for us as the show that allows us to demonstrate R/C cars, and to show the more detailed technical aspects of the hobby (for the Sunday anyway).

On Saturday 7th, you’ll see our usual show stand where you can talk to us about the hobby of R/C cars, but on Sunday 8th we’ll have a carpet track setup to demonstrate some cars, plus an area where you can try your hand at building a component of a car, and watch and talk with members of the R/C community who are maintaining their vehicles in-front of your eyes. Our advice, if R/C cars is a big reason for you to come to the show, then make sure you come on Sunday 8th April!

Event Details

  • When: Saturday 7th April and Sunday 8th April 2018, 10am- 4pm both days
  • How Much: $5 per person or $12 for a family.¬†Tickets also give you access to the Aviation Museum which is a great walk around for kids of all ages.
  • Where: The show is located at the SeaKing Club (15 Squadron Crescent) within Shearwater Forces Base just down the road from the Aviation Museum. You’ll need ID to get through the main security gates on Bonaventure Street.¬† Exact Google maps location of the SeaKing club is here (click)¬†and shown in the image below. Be warned that the Google Navigation directions don’t take you though the gate on Bonaventure St and you have to come in that way.

Full event details from the Aviation Museum here.