The R/C Park

The R/C park was built by a dedicated team of R/C hobbyists on a disused ball-field donated to us by the city. With help from the wider R/C community, and after a lot of hard work over a couple of years, we’ve got to a point where we have a great free-to-use facility. However the facility requires ongoing maintenance and improvement, and we never turn down a good offer of some help so email us if you have any energy or ideas (

We are NOT an R/C club and there are no membership dues or park usage fees. The R/C park is run entirely from donations so if you’ve visited the park and have enjoyed it then please consider making an Interac donation to Or contact us directly about how you can make a direct donation. Funds are required to purchase materials to maintain the track, and to pay for park insurance. We are also interested in donations of materials such as clay, dirt, gravel, and stakes/threaded bar along with BigO hose that we use for track marking.

If you’d like to host your own event at the off-road track at Halifax Radio Control Park, either as a open-to-all event or a private one for your R/C club or friends, then contact us at Let us know your plans and we’ll be happy to help out where we can.

Park Information

The Halifax R/C Park is located at: 1703 Beaver Bank Rd, Beaver Bank, NS B4G 1C5 (

And you can see the whole park in this recent aerial shot: